Monday, April 12, 2010

Rumblings from the ladysphere--No, that is not a new period euphemism

Microsoft Paint is sometimes my best friend.

Since white lady feminist comedy goddess Tina Fey was hosting SNL this past weekend, the I-Man and I decided to actually watch. All in all, I would say it was far less uncomfortable to sit through than usual, though of course she was underused, I thought. Sady Doyle has some thoughts about Tiny Fey's Feminism, like how she seems real progressive one minute, then bashes other chicks the next. Which, point taken. However, I expect everyone in the world to be horrible, and Tina Fey is more than marginally less horrible than most people on television and I'm just too lazy to actual measure her up to the standards of feminism. I mean, it's SNL, people, not The Vagina Monologues. AMIRITE, PEOPLE? Vaginas! Ahhhh, too funny. Oh, but what I was going to say about all this was that I actually LOVED the Brownie Husband commercial, and I'll tell you why. Because I didn't feel like Tina Fey was making fun of single ladies in their thirties, I felt like Tina Fey and the team of people who wrote/produced that fake commercial were making fun of brownie commercial conventions that are, in fact, insulting to many women, including single ones in their thirties. I thought it was a case of hyperbole! A good one! Like, this is ridiculous, but almost something that could be real in the saddest (awesomest?) version of reality possible. Mmmm, brownies.

In another corner of the feminist 'sphere (see what I did there with the impossible shapes: sphere? corners? I am on a comedy roll tonight!), rising feminist blogging star and comedian (as well as fellow Macalester alumna) Molly Knefel has DEIGNED to make fun of some dudes who didn't like having all that icky feminism touch their study of men. While men's and/or masculinity studies already exists, what with coming right out of women's, gender, and/or sexuality studies, this is not good enough for some. So Molly and many others have made fun of the new "male studies"and its complete and utter disregard for, well, reality, history, and the desirability of maturing past the age of nine. Like dudes would have even thought of studying men AS MEN if ladies hadn't insisted we start valuing women's experiences as worthy of academic attention and then doing all the grunt work of deconstructing gender as a concept in the first place.

Because, like, seriously? I have a hard time believing that anyone living in a fact-based world could possibly believe that not only is feminism supposedly bad for dudes (OH MY GOD SHUT UP, PENISFACE), but that men have to have their OWN area of study for "males" because otherwise IT'S NOT FAIR, MOM! WOMEN'S STUDIES KEEPS PUTTING ITS ARM ON MY SIDE OF THE IVORY TOWER! Not only is there already a place for the study of men and masculinities in academia, it's as if the male studiers never noticed that every single academic discipline ever before 1970 and most still after basically are male studies already. Philosophy? History? Physics? Literature? Computer Science? Oh, I forgot, the Radical Feminazi Agenda has infiltrated all the departments on campus and systematically shut out male students by forcing them to read nothing but Andrea Dworkin ALL SEMESTER (Brownie Husbands are complimentary if you make it past midterms, though). Guess you do need male studies after all. Anyway, apparently because people think "male studies" is a stupid idea, all its critics are automatically big fatty fat manhaters. Fine, if you are a proponent of male studies, you are probably a man, and I'm going to guess that I would hate you in real life. You got it out of me, all the rumors about feminists are true! (Molly posted an updated response at Blogging Molly at True/Slant today, and our mutual best friend Anne took a stab at the ridiculousness at their shared blog, The Ladies of Science)

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