Friday, May 21, 2010

May Showers Bring More Things to Sneeze at

Kids, it's been a stressful couple of weeks here at Blonder and Thinner HQ, so pardon my distraction. Isaac successfully defended his dissertation, I graduated despite a tornado's best efforts, and I have suddenly become grateful to my own parents for only being that one kind of familiar crazy. I am still working my office temp job which still may or may not turn into a full-time gig, but I'm too apathetic to find another part-time job for the summer, especially since Isaac is paying half the rent now. Anyway, after much grief in the process, we have acquired a 1995 Honda Accord (don't be jealous) which immediately broke down on the side of the highway and required a new alternator belt, which was awesome and totally not soul-sucking in any way. It is painted an odd cream color--bumpers included--which should make it always easy to find in a parking lot. "Yeah, it's the one that's kind of the color of cheap store brand vanilla ice cream." Pictures to follow soon. We also registered for wedding gifts at Target, which felt a little bit dirty. I kind of wanted to get all DVDs, but y'know, had to hold myself back and find house stuff instead that Isaac's parents friends wouldn't mind buying for us. In addition to these developments, I have a few fine blog items up my sleeve for those of you who still notice when I actually post, so huzzah! I would post the latest "Alex Reads Twilight" video here, but this office doesn't allow access to YouTube. Find it yourselves, bitchez.*

*I will totally post it later from home.

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