Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still alive for now

I went on vacation a few weeks ago. Then I sat around my apartment and sweated. And now I'm moving, so I'm sweating at my soon-to-be-former apartment and in our new house while carrying all my earthly belongings in box form. Though the new house has AC, so not quite as much sweating there. Anyway, I'm too lazy to blog right now. My awesome friend Emily isn't too lazy to draw comics and post them on her new blog, though: Irish Breakfast. Some of them involve coming to Ohio for my wedding. All of them are funny. I'll be back with some random/fake presidential trivia one of these days. Oh, BTWs, I'm reading Gore Vidal's Burr and wish I could use all the gossip in it as blog fodder. Unfortunately it is a novel and so does not reach the high research standards I require for "factual" posts like articles on Wikipedia do. It is good. I'm tired of moving. Truck tomorrow. Laptop broken, so using old-timey desktop. Internet at new place on Thursday. Go read someone with something to say now.

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  1. heh I think at this point it is over 50% comics about going to Ohio for your wedding. And drinking too much.