Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Depression Update

Hey gang,

This post isn't just about the economy (ha! See what I did there?), it's about my mental state. Remember when I started this blog like three years ago and I used to talk all the time about my depression? Yeah, I've been mostly less depressed since then. I get anxious some, but I have recently lowered my Prozac dosage. This is all to say that it's still, like, a thing or whatever. I think this summer will be a drug-free experiment. Only anti-depressant-free, people! Don't worry, I'll still make plenty of bad choices. Anyway, instead of posting a black-and-white picture of myself wearing sweats and holding my head in my hands (like every anti-depressant commercial ever), I'm using my words to tell you about my emotional state: largely stable, unnecessarily anxious at times, not usually really sad.

But enough about me! I want to hear from you guys. Let's take a poll: What's depressing you most lately?


  1. I'd like to add options for "Unknown future", "Medical complications" and "Money", but really those are dwarfed by Charlie Sheen. ;)

  2. Well, I could've just put "being an adult", but that's a little too real.

    Also, I'm going to go ahead and vote again, but this time for the TV show thing: if any of you haven't seen "Wonderfalls" or "Dead Like Me" you are basically dead to me.

  3. Pushing Daisies
    Better Off Ted
    Arrested Development
    Freaks & Geeks
    Twin Peaks
    Dollhouse (but they still got to finish)

    And of course:
    Veronica. Effing. Mars.

  4. Dudes being dude-bros. Ick.