Monday, July 11, 2011

Gaga and Jesus continued!

Sexy Gay Jesus here. I did some cursory googling and found some more connections between myself and Our Lady of the Meat Dress. There's been some sweet fan art. See below:

"God Makes No Mistakes" by Thomas Clark sets up a slightly more intimate relationship between us than really exists, but I can get into it. My biceps look pretty sweet there, but I don't really like to dwell on that whole "crucifixion" thing.

Scott McGoldrick gives Gaga my blessing. I'll bless that blessing.

Blogger Kagehime has either created or found a few great pictures like the "Gagalupe" one above. That would totes go on a candle! I also enjoy the celebrity last supper one floating around:
She's also straight-up emulated pictures of me, as seen here:
That's an impressive halo. I wish people would portray me in tiny thongs more often. I suppose at least I get a lot of topless/muscle pics, though.

I finally got around to watching the "Judas" video where apparently Gaga has a love triangle with two bikers that are me and Judas.

I definitely support engaging in biblical themes for trashy pop music purposes. (Is it weird that I would totally do it with this sexy black Jesus?) But let's get serious, neither Judas nor I is really into the ladies. That whole "betrayal" thing was over him wanting to get exclusive with me, and I was like, "Why would I give up these eleven other dudes for someone as demanding as you, bitch?" Apparently neither of us handled it well, but anyway. Gaga is pulling a classic "shock people with blasphemy" gambit, but I generally support the comparisons between us. I mean, she's really popular right now, you guys.

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