Friday, August 19, 2011

Energy Drink Review: Loaded Cherry NOS

Unfortunately, this drink did not actually make me want to put on a leather bikini thing.
I need to be working on my syllabus, and I'm like, "I don't want to." So perhaps a little bit of caffeinated motivation would help. I KNOW my last post was like two weeks ago and another energy drink review, but I've been feeling pretty unmotivated since the tragedy that was the Bachelorette finale. Goddamn it. I bought a trashy magazine that told me J.P. wasn't over his ex with a picture of Ashley not smiling on the cover of it, and then I read online that Ben was caught canoodling with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and I continue to be filled with despair. Well, except for the five hours a day I watch Nanny 911 on Netflix Instant. Those parts of my life are pretty awesome.

Anyway, I dodged all the brand-new freshmen and their parents crowding this campus to find an energy drink I've never tried. Now, technically the classic orange NOS is my default for SERIOUS projects like overnight writing or driving. But there was a flavor I hadn't tried, so here we are. It's cherry. Excuse me: Loaded Cherry. I don't like real cherries, but I do like candy that tastes like "cherries" often, so we'll see how this goes and whether or not I ever sleep again. The can promises "enhanced mental focus," which is what I need right now, so it better not be lying.

FLAVOR: Okay, good. It tastes like a fruit punch-type "cherry" rather than a cough medicine-type cherry flavor. As it's gotten warmer, it kind of tastes like a melty red popsicle. Not a bad flavor.

EFFICACY: It's a NOS, so of course this shit is serious. I'm nearly halfway through, and I feel somewhat more focused, but I feel like it probably hasn't really hit me yet. I'm nearly done with it now, but I've been drinking it quite slowly. I feel more energetic and focused, but haven't experienced the jitters or rush I usually get with a NOS.

I would recommend the "Loaded Cherry" NOS. Not as intense as I expected, but still effective for concentration.

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