Saturday, October 29, 2011

Semi-guiltily sleeping through the revolution*

Oh, hey guys. I've heard some rumors that some political things are happening in this country right now. I have heard that regular people dirty, jobless hippies who hate America have been taking to the streets to express their displeasure with the economic crisis and how the federal government spends all its time calling each other names and getting reelected instead of working on that whole crisis thing--but I guess that's only okay to do if you are conservative and carrying a gun. But whatever, we hear in Little Apathetic College Town, Ohio have an OCCUPY of our own! Can you believe that? And the fact that only 1/35 students had even heard of Occupy Wall Street three or four weeks in actually has driven me to attend more than one event! Yes, their apathy was so strong that it actually broke mine!

But unfortunately I am lazy and hate joining groups and making commitments and showing up places and doing things, so I haven't done much, but I have participated in more than one general assembly meeting! And they are so long and so full of kind, well-meaning people who think we should vote on how we will decide which decisions we should put up on Facebook and whatnot. Anyway, I am conflicted by guilt by not feeling inspired to do more.  Protest corporate banks downtown? But it's Friday, and I need a nap. Make the movement visible on campus on a Saturday morning? Did you say Saturday morning? Bitch, please.** Also: it is getting COLD. And I lived in Minnesota, I know winter, but I do not like winter. I consider winter something one must pass through hurriedly between heated buildings/drinking establishments. I do not consider winter something I need to sit in for a cause. I will never be that hardcore. (Re: that link- 21ST CENTURY TRENCH FOOT! That should be a band name.)

See, I feel solidarity with the Occupy movement in general because I went to hippie liberal arts college and I am poor. Our economic inequality is pretty extreme here in America and one of the main reasons I am considering abandoning an academic career is the severe lack of job or financial security in my future. This guy cleverly explains the situation. Assuming I decide to finish and get my degree, I will be part of a two-PhD couple competing for the same scant jobs. We're probably looking at years of trying to patch together a decent household income adjuncting. Adjunct instructors have no security (semester-to-semester contracts, no benefits, considered "part-time") and also get stuck with all the intro/required courses. I don't know if you guys know this, but the kids who are in these classes do not want to be there. Here is another fact: neither does the instructor.

So friends, I have now shared with you my conflicted feelings from my cozy warm couch. Now enjoy this ridiculous Herman Cain "Imagine" parody video I jacked from Wonkette:

FUN FACT: My first real job (post-paper route) was at a Godfather's Pizza.

*And not in a tent in a park or a brick courtyard or any of that shit.
**Sleep is far more important to me than political action, clearly.

UPDATE: I should also mention that I actually am quite busy during the week. I've got lesson plans and grading and hundreds of pages of reading and classes to go to and office hours to sit in and sleep sometimes when I'm not too anxious between assignment due dates. So, it's only, like, 53% laziness. It's when I DO have free time that I actually feel guilty about not getting out of my sleeping Burrow to protest shit.

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