Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Thing I Did Before: The Creation Museum

Over spring break last month, the Beard and I packed up for an exotic vacation to northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area. We spent way too much money on admission and souvenirs from the Creation Museum. It was full of dinosaurs and pseudo-pscience and Christians.

This is a stegosaurus sign!
These awkwardly-dressed tween mannequins and I are going to learn so much about Creation!

Another dinosaur outside.

This display assures us that this fossil could NOT be millions of years old because the Bible.

RELATIVISM, amirite?

I was not supposed to get on this triceratops because I am not a child, but some Christian adults encouraged me to do it anyway.

There was a petting zoo there. OBVS.

I made Isaac pretend to be into this Adam and Eve sexy water scene.

Adorable mammoth we brought home with us.
We learned a lot of things at this museum. Mostly that all scientific evidence should either be fit into the Biblical narrative (and a 6000 year-old earth timeline) or disregarded. Also, dragons were real and were just dinosaurs that still lived into the middle ages. OBVS.

UPDATE: This amazing real-life married couple really explains all you need to know about dinosaurs and Noah's Ark and being adorable and hilarious through song:

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