Sunday, April 08, 2012

A thing that I did before: Political participation nonsense

Oh hey, while in the depths of depression/despair, I have still managed to do shit with myself. One of these things was participate in a PROTEST. I know, right? Ol' Lazypants McGee here managed to attend an anti-douche rally. Back on March 3, Douche Republican (redundant, eh?) Rep. Bob Latta invited several douchebags to a fake holiday dinner on the BGSU campus. I joined friends for a serious/silly protest of the celebration of Douche Rick Santorum, Doubledouche Newt Gingrich, and WTFdouche Grover Norquist. I bought brightly-colored posterboard and made some motherfucking signs:

SRSLY, though. Nobody wants THAT yeast infection.

Right, though? He just reminds me of listening to CBS programming at the far end of the dial on my clock radio when I was still in elementary school. Also: episodes of "Cybill."
Friends bravely protest the appearance of these bastards despite, like, freezing temperatures.

I love how dudes with multiple grad degrees (Santorum) love to smear current grad students who are merely trying to offset their loans by indoctrinating your little 19 year-old babies.

Fashion criticism is the most important part of every political protest.

It was cold and very few people understood my combined Taft/Norquist bathtub sign joke, but I marched in circles for, like, an hour or something, reveling in my own  cleverness.
This is a thing I did.

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