Friday, May 18, 2012

I want this to be so

I've been busy being not in school and being unemployed but now temping and anyway whatever. Now that America has been destroyed because of our metrosexual black Abe Lincoln president, The Sexy Gay Jesus was like, "I've got to take a vacation." This happened:

Note 11/6/15: Three and a half years after posting this political cartoon by Mr. Fish, I was informed by Google AdSense that this post violates their policy against "hate/anti" speech. Which: WTF? This is, like, a comedy blog. I'm assuming it's the comic. I don't know if someone complained or if it was a really slow bot, but whatever. This is pretty par for the course on my entire blog, so if I get another notification, I may have to get rid of that ad spot over there on the right side that I have not earned any money from. (Google won't send you a check until you earn at least $100.)

BTWs, the best Freddie Mercury 'stache on television is like, "Hello, we're Persian!"

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