Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another Thing I Did Before: The Taft House in Cincinnati

On the same trip as our exciting visit to the Creation Museum back in March, Isaac and I also hit up the William Howard Taft National Historic Site, featuring a tour of President/Chief Justice Taft's childhood home and a museum that had animatronic Taft family members and strange political cartoons. This was my first time in Cincinnati, and I was able to see that there are buildings, the Ohio River, and this museum there. It was a very thorough visit. (We stayed in a hotel on the Kentucky side of the river by the airport that was full of youth soccer players and ate dinner at a generic strip mall sports bar nearby.) But I think we all know that Taft is a favorite of mine. He was a large man, mustachioed, and rumored to enjoy a good soak in the bubble bath.

The president's robot son Charlie enjoys fishing and gossiping about all his family members.
Taft was so good at being a Republican, that he sometimes turned into an elephant.
Here is where I made Isaac stand by the servants' entrance. It was a large house, but we did not get to see any bathtubs.
This is the gate in front of the pretty house. This was a busy street. The energetic tour ranger was wearing a microphone headset, which was only made slightly less awkward when a man and his young son joined us on the house tour, so then there were four of us.
I made Isaac stand by the parking lot.
I am pointing to a tiny buffalo.
This is the president's more successful son (U.S. Senator) Robert Taft, but he is not a robot, just a discolored bust in the parking lot.
I picked up a Taft/Sherman 1908 campaign button I have begun wearing on my favorite corduroy blazer. No one has asked me about it because everyone else is an uninformed, unpatriotic LOSER. All in all, not the coolest of the presidential homes I have visited here in Ohio, but worth checking off the list and buying more history nerd shit from park rangers.

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