Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Things that are amusing me today

As I continue to rework the same cover letter to fit numerous nonprofit job descriptions and drinking unnecessary energy drinks (Just kidding! No such thing!) in my campus office I don't think I'm technically supposed to have keys to anymore, I mostly spend my time reading the internet. Some things that have brought me joy today that I should probably stop glutting my Facebook feed with and just post links on the fucking blog I started for these types of purposes:

-This nun's 2006 book on sexual ethics has recently rocketed up bestseller lists because the Vatican suddenly realized it doesn't like her encouraging people to have solo sex and not hate gay people. Way to go, Vatican. Way to go. (WaPo)

-Married "recovering" alcoholic AND Christian actor Brian Presley drunkenly hits on the wrong lady on an airplane. (This is hilarious if you don't think too hard about how sad it is.) (Buzzfeed via The Gloss)

-Internet Boyfriend #1 Josh Fruhlinger once again demonstrates some sexy history (and linguistics!) nerd knowledge in his takedown of today's Hagar the Horrible comic. (The Comics Curmudgeon)

-Josh is also spearheading silly shenanigans over at Wonkette, like an "I'm With Mitt" photo contest.

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