Monday, October 15, 2012

Energy Drink Review: Zun

How cute is this rocket? Via.
Guys, Isaac found me an energy drink that is in a bottle that LITERALLY looks like a rocket. I hope it makes me feel like a rocket. My heavy allergy medication is helping clear up that delightful sinus headache I started today with, but my enthusiasm about phone-answering or writing or applying for real jobs (I'm still doing that sometimes and getting rejected for part-time positions I'm over-qualified for because everything is awesome) is pretty low. Let's hope ZUN (which claims to be "out of this world") really does boost my brain energy. Apparently Zun is available "throughout Colorado" and also at your local Kum & Go! And sometimes at Rainbow Foods in Minnesota.

Anyway, apparently "Energy is old news. Energy Plus is where it's at." Energy PLUS... vitamins, I guess? It does promise to "rid [my] brain of clouds," though I think that is what my super-extra-strong allergy/sinus meds are doing already, but I guess it can't hurt to really blast those brain clouds out.

FLAVOR: With the first whiff, I was worried it would taste like cough medicine, but it's not too bad. Lightly carbonated I think maybe it's supposed to be kind of cherry flavored? The drink's makers claim that this is a brand new flavor, Incredibly Refreshing®. Yep, they registered that shit. It's not bad. Definitely different from most energy drinks. Between Incredibly Refreshing® and the partial carbonation, it's quite easy to drink.

EFFECTIVENESS: I've drank down to about the widest part of the rocket (the body tube? I just spent like ten minutes between phone calls trying to figure out what the main body of the rocket is called), and I'm already feeling something. Anyway, I think it's working, is what I'm saying because of how much time I was willing to devote to rocket structure research. Fuck you, brain clouds! At twelve ounces, it's neither too small a serving for caffeine fiends like me, nor so much that you become jittery (which I'm kind of into, but whatevs).

Overall, I'd say RECOMMENDED. I don't quite feel like blasting off, but I feel pretty brain-cloud free. (I was thinking about MSPainting a picture of a brain and clouds or something, but I guess Zun isn't quite strong enough for me to maintain that kind of motivation half an hour after finishing it.)

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