Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Guys, I feel America in my heart and soul. There are few things besides an episode of Parenthood that make me cry these days because of the high level of booze and Prozac constantly in my system, but GODDAMNMMIT I love the fucking West Wing and I fucking love the idea of what America could be. Our system is fucked, and a large, sad number of Americans lack an appreciation of empathy, but goddamn if Barack Obama isn't awesome at talking and I don't fucking buy into that shit.

I'm still waiting on results for the fucked-up marriage amendment here in MN, but I love that even in this day and age, I can believe in progress. If there's one thing I figured out as an ethnic studies instructor in the past few years, it's that discussions of race are still messed up, but the vast majority of kids younger than me (we're all Millennials, I guess?) coming of age now don't give a fuck about how/if you are gay.

I am so full of optimism and cynicism all at the same time. Which I think puts me squarely in the camp of everybody's favorite pess-Americanist Sarah Vowell. Fake god/the Sexy Gay Jesus bless us all.

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