Monday, December 10, 2012

Energy Drink Review: AMP Focus Mixed Berry

The no-frills can.
Guys, I've had a silly cold all weekend that I just took some cold pills for and then proceeded to go hang out with people and drink every night anyway. And now I am at work. And I am tired. But I've got an energy drink. And I am drinking it now.

AMP Energy has brought us this "Focus" beverage that contains caffeine, choline, and theanine. I have not heard of those last two chemicals, but they sound delicious! According to the can, choline is "an essential nutrient in the brain." Sounds like a thing. According to Wikipedia, theanine is some shit you find in tea and its psychoactive properties might include the "ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition, and boost mood in a synergistic manner with caffeine." I'm just going to let this shit synergize all up in my mood.

FLAVOR: This mixed berry-ness is pretty good. It's not too strong or too sweet or too chemical-y or anything. Not bad. Though I should warn you that though the can is blue, the drink itself is red, so don't be too disappointed.

EFFECTIVENESS: I'm nearly halfway through the 16 ounce can now, and I do feel both more alert and more cheerful. Way to go, chemicals! Am I "focused"? I'm pretty focused on reading all the internets through my Google Reader (YES I STILL USE GOOGLE READER AND I MISS SHARING NERD ARTICLES WITH MY NERDY READING FRIENDS THROUGH IT).

Overall, RECOMMENDED. It's pretty good and stuff.

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