Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spreading some sad and some links

I have no inspiration, people. I am full of despair and guilt because I feel like all the crappy things in my life are my fault (maybe they are?) and feel guilty about feeling despair about all the crappy things since I don't have, like, the Ebola virus or need an abortion in Ireland or anything. Good thing I've got an appointment with a therapist soon. Maybe I can get some new meds too, since my Prozac prescription is nearly up. Ugh. BUT ANYWAY, you guys don't come here to hear me whine about being depressed and poor and creatively and academically blocked--or DO YOU? Anyway, here's a bunch of links from the last couple of weeks to stuff I thought was cool while I didn't have access to Facebook to share it, so here you go (these links are way less sad than I am):

This is an adorable story about a family who turned a cop puppet into a family member. I want Officer Rodriguez to remind me about safety and responsibility (instead of my landlord yelling at me over the phone because I forgot to tell her I couldn't figure out how the water to the outside faucet turned off and now it is cold and we will all die because the pipes have already exploded probably and why am I so bad at communication and being responsible and did I even BOTHER to help shovel the snow and do I even speak to my husband about who is doing what tasks because we are going to have to pay for all that water damage and GOOD MORNING). I want Officer Rodriguez to come hug me now. (Mommyish, yes I read mommy blogs sometimes, get over it people)

If you're going to get rabies, you should probably do it in Denmark.(The Billfold)

I am not the only one who has named a garden gnome "Chomsky." (Sociological Images)

Do you wish I would stop whingeing and get back to investigating etymological roots for you? Well, HERE. Ruth Walker will tell you all about the historical origins of the word "blackmail." You're welcome. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Want to read about the old-timey occupation of Witch Pricker? And a lady who pretended to be a man to get said job and was really good at it and got lots of people killed but then got caught being a not-man and was also sent to a terrible fate? Look no further than your local (Scottish) BBC News outlet!

Ever want to explore your inner Dr. Hodgins (AKA HodgePodge, and no one should ever call him anything else), but don't actually want to look at or touch any bugs? Guess what! You can look at old timey prints of old timey woodcuts and look for literal WORMHOLES and figure out some bug evolution stuff or whatever. Books are cool! Books rock! (Discover Magazine)

I don't really watch Star Trek (of any incarnation), but this Troy and Abed (of Community) and Geordi and Data (of TNG) mash-up-type Tumblr is ridiculous and so, so nerdy: Troy and Abed in Engineering. This is why the Lord Our God The Sexy Gay Jesus created the internet for us. Also, I am secretly wearing my "Sexy Gay Jesus for McCain" shirt under my sweater at work today, and it is warming my heart ever so slightly.

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