Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mini-That Old Chesnut: Important buffalo-related updates

Guys, remember when we talked about buffalo and bison? I just learned about the origins of buffalo wings! You know, the chicken wings with the orange sauce. Apparently they originated in Buffalo, New York. So stop trying to make jokes about buffaloes being able to fly, because they're talking about the city, which was apparently named for Buffalo Creek, which I'm assuming at some point related to some sort of bovine beast living in the area.

Go buy some pint glasses with this terrifying image on them.
Also note that dudebro-oriented chain restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings' grand re-opening created one of my favorite local news stories and accompanying photos last year. Do you see all those bros camped out in line to get a year's worth of free wings? I do not miss you, Bowling Green bros--except for comedy purposes, obvs.

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