Monday, February 25, 2013

Energy Drink Review: Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry

I will not ship this to you, but Rockstar will.
Apparently Rockstar was like, "We need some more insane flavors!" So they have a new line of "super sour" drinks. Isaac picked up one called "bubbleberry" for me, which claims it also contains "other natural flavors." This could be disgusting, but I'm feeling kind of sluggish and it's caffeine o'clock. Let's do this.

FLAVOR: Okay, it tastes both kind of fruity and kind of bubblegummy, but not overwhelmingly so. If you drink it fast, it's just kind of vaguely candy-tasting but largely just carbonated and chemical-y, like most energy drinks. It's not particularly sour, either. Update: I've had about 2/3 of the drink now, and the warmer it gets, the less tasty it is. It's kind of weird anyway, so I'd recommend big gulps. I'm starting to think this drink might not be made from real bubbleberries.

EFFECTIVENESS: Okay, truth everybody, I am kind of drinking this really fast? And now I am typing really fast? And I am already fast at typing! You guys, it's working! What will I do with all this energy for the next hour until my break? Dissertation research? HAHAHA NO OF COURSE NOT, I will continue to read blogs and skip over most of the Oscars recap shit because I don't care. I went to an improv show at HUGE last night, and it was lovely and funny, unlike anything Seth MacFarlane has ever done. #BURN #TRUTH*

I just did some awesome shit on the Outlook meeting calendar, you guys. This is not true, it was not awesome since it just involved extending someone's reservation time on a specific room, but she was standing right here and I managed to not let it show that I am really hopped up on this Rockstar nonsense.

OVERALL: The flavor is too weird for me to want to try it again, but it was certainly very effective for the energizing. MIXED REVIEW.

*It took me years before I could just straight-up admit that I didn't like Family Guy, because so many people I knew and respected liked it, but then I was just like, "Sometimes it makes me laugh, but it is so horrible to the female characters, and I'm not even talking about the deliberately offensive jokes. It just doesn't like the female characters and treats them like shit." THIS IS HOW I FEEL.


  1. Hey I was wondering if you can do a review on this energy drink ?

  2. I would probably buy some if I saw it in a store, but I don't think I'll be joining a "wellness" program. Gross. Also, the website says it only has 80 mg of caffeine, which is basically useless to me. #consider this a review