Friday, February 08, 2013

I have opinions

Guys, do you ever read things and then feel feelings and think thoughts about them? I do sometimes, but usually I just click the next post button on my Google Reader and hope a cute kitty will show up. However, I  had vaguely complex responses to MULTIPLE THINGS I saw on the webernets, so I'm going to go all op-ed on your asses and share.

Captain Awkward hits a (my) nerve while taking a physical boundaries/personal space question: "Do we hug? Because my feeling is that no, we don't." Are you my husband? Are you one of my stuffed animals? Are you my sister or parents (but not either of my brothers, because ew) when I haven't seen you/am not going to see you for like a year? Have we ever been roommates? Am I drunk and already your good friend? If you cannot answer yes to any of these questions then you will never, ever be invited to touch me. Deal. A ROUND OF FIRM HANDSHAKES FOR EVERYBODY! I was just saying to my sister that I also find small talk invasive, so basically I just hate people, is what I'm saying.

Over at Jezebezzle (that's what I'm calling it now because why not this is MAH BLOG), we hear about a nice girl named Kendra who goes to D.C.'s American University. She is recovering from an eating disorder. One day she was at the student gym and some frat douche was there wearing a "Please Don't Feed the Sorority Girls/Campus Beautification" t-shirt. So she was like, "This is horrible and reminds me of why I was anorexic," so she wrote an op-ed in the student paper about how that shirt was douchey and sends a bad message and how it was triggering for her. She wasn't like, "Ban all t-shirts" or "All men are the devil" or, as I would suggest, "Ban Greek life from campus and while we're at it, let's dismantle the patriarchy." But anyway, lots of assholes are calling her oversensitive/acting like she's some kind of attention whore for writing about her experience. She said that shirt was offensive and pointed out that lots of people (mostly ladies) have issues with eating disorders, so maybe campus-sponsored groups shouldn't be making shirts that encourage disordered eating or posit thinness and hotness as the one and only purpose for lady college students. People are assholes. Criticism is not censorship, it's just pointing out that you're using your free speech to be a dick.

WTF, Evolution? is cracking my shit up.

There's probably other shit I have feelings about, but this is enough for now. HELLO WEEKEND, I WILL BE DRUNKING YOU SOON.

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