Monday, July 29, 2013

Energy Drink Review: HiBall Energy Wild Berry

The drink is as exciting as the can.
I was recently lucky enough to make a stop at the Whole Foods Mothership (AKA the giant Ann Arbor Whole Foods) and I picked up one of these "organic" energy drinks that is actually 16 oz. and carbonated: HiBall. It promises that even the caffeine is organic! We'll see how this goes.

FLAVOR: So "wild berry," eh? It kind of tastes like actual berries. Like not just a sugary concoction based upon a berry-like substance. Hmm. Apparently HiBall used to just make energy waters, but they added a tiny bit of juice and sugar to make these energy drinks. I can kind of tell. The flavor is thinner than most energy drinks. Though several sips in, it's not bad, just very different than I expected. It kind of just tastes like a lightly carbonated grape or apple juice or something. Not gross, not great.

EFFECTIVENESS: Maybe about 6 ounces in, and my legs are shaking a bit more than usual, so that is a positive development. Without a strong flavor, I have trouble accepting that it's working, but we'll see. I'm about done with the drink now, and it's perked me up some, but I'm not really enjoying it.

OVERALL: Perfectly adequate, especially if you're not into chemical flavors, but not worth charting on my energy graph. I'm going to have to consult with a Diet Coke to make the afternoon MSPaint shenanigans I had planned happen.

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