Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Places to see and hear me being funny

Us recording the p-cast. Photo by Philip Simondet.
Guys! My unpaid but emotionally lucrative career in improv comedy is really taking off. After coming in second in the Troika March Madness tournament last month, Pigmeat is making plans for future Twilight Zone-inspired adventures. However! There are other opportunities to see and hear me do the 'provz.* My group Spectrum, which specializes in an Armando form where we tell our own sad-as-shit real-life stories to inspire our improv, is in the HUGE Wednesday lineup through the end of May at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis. So if you live close you should maybe come see us and several other sweet groups for $5 and maybe hear about some real-life tragedy and then also hopefully do some laughing.

Spectrum was recently invited to participate in Matt McCloud and Philip Simondet's improv-focused podcast Next at Bat. You can listen to our episode here. We talk about our lofty artistic and emotional goals and then do some improv with Matt and Philip that is mostly about boobs and dongs! Get your comedy nerd on and listen to that shit! They have a bunch of episodes recorded with the Twin Cities' best improvisers (if I do say so myself). Fair warning: I laugh throughout the vast majority of our episode.

*TRUE FACT: Making shit up might be my greatest talent.

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