Monday, April 21, 2014

Energy Thingy Review: AeroShot Energy

I'm always on the lookout for new energy sources (for my body, not like, solar panels and shit) and came upon this AeroShot Energy thingy. I'm trying the raspberry flavor. Hmm. How the fuck is this thing supposed to work? You breathe it in/swallow it (though the FDA says that's not possible). It's full of B vitamins and caffeine. I am very, very curious. I'm about to start living the AeroLife.

FLAVOR: Okay, so you breathe it in. It comes in a very fine powder that I guess kind of resembles the flavor of raspberries in a medicinal kind of way. A little bit bitter. Wash that shit down with some water. Not sure how many puffs are in one inhaler thingy, so we'll see how this goes. On the second puff, I'd say it definitely tastes like you ate the Crystal Light powder mix on accident. Not very tasty at all. Small inhalations are better because of the icky flavor. The powder can tickle the throat a bit, also. The aftertaste is sweet if you drink some water immediately.

EFFECTIVENESS: I've definitely felt an upswing in energy in the last few minutes. Lots of leg shaking, though not huge change in mental alertness. I'll give it another puff. After the second pufferoo, I'm feeling a bit silly. 50% is probs the caffeine and the other half is the fact that I'm breathing powder out of a plastic inhaler thingy. I just giggled to myself while crosswording because I thought about how excited I am to watch some more My Love from the Star later today. I think this thing is working. I have no idea how many puffs are in here. A lot. I keep hoping it'll run out because it doesn't taste very good, but I am definitely feeling more alert. Also, I am starving, But that is because it is almost lunch.

It's been over three hours, and while I feel nicely alert (no euphoria, but no crash so far either), when the fuck am I going to breathe in all of this weird, gross powder? I feel like I'm smoking an e-cigarette here. Okay, it took me like 5 hours to consume all the powder, which tastes terrible until it gets wet. I have been perfectly alert all day, however. It was kind of weird, but I have a green apple flavor one at home, too, so I guess I'll be doing this again.

OVERALL: 3.5/5 (works well, the taste and delivery method are weird)

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