Monday, July 28, 2014

Energy Drink Review: NOS Zero Charged Citrus

GUYS, NOS HAS A NEW FLAVOR OMG. "For advanced mental focus and high performance energy." I saw this NOS Zero "Charged Citrus" at the local SA by my current temp job and knew it was for me. And for you. I DO THIS FOR YOU, PEOPLE.

FLAVOR: Like a gummy worm. You guys, there is now a NOS that tastes like a gummy worm! EXTRA! EXTRA! WORLD'S MOST EFFECTIVE ENERGY DRINK NOW TASTES LIKE CANDY. This is definitely more exciting than this morning's This Is New in My Life Development, which was using QuickBooks to create invoices.

EFFECTIVENESS: I have no doubts about how well this well work, but I will keep you updated on my 16 fl oz (1 pt) of awesomeness. It's definitely working. I'm about 2/3 of the way through and it's kept me pretty active while doing a lot of pulling/digging through files. SO THAT IS SOMETHING.

UPDATE: After work, I was still energized and WENT FOR A RUN. ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 5 P.M. This is monumental. Clearly, the Nos is the Mos(t).


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