Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Energy Drink Review: Monster Ripper (or IS IT?)

This is the can on my desk. It is very yellow.
Monster has a new juice flavor out. It is yellow! And called "Ripper"! It was inspired by some surfing Hawaiian shit or something who cares, let's just see how it is.

FLAVOR: Fruity. Not quite a fruit punch flavor, but like a nice cocktail of various juices. Not unlike a Khaos. I like it quite a bit.

EFFECTIVENESS: It is working.

VERDICT: It is pretty good! The can is a sprightly yellow! Drink that shit!

OKAY GUYS, REAL TALK: I thought the can copy seemed familiar, but I've been drinking a lot of energy drinks for a lot of years. TURNS OUT THIS IS JUST A REPACKAGED MONSTER M-80. RIP-OFF! I totally thought it was a new kind that just didn't taste that original. Probs because I've had this one before. Those Monster Energy bastards fooled me with the bright yellow can. The product's not even on their website. Whatever, it's still good and shit. Slightly less violent name, I guess?

According to Caffeine Informer, "Ripper- Someone who rips or shreds at surfing... Monster Ripper is just M-80 with a different name and slightly different formulation. 50% juice opposed to 80% juice in M-80, but with the flavor combination and other ingredients staying for the [sic] mostly the same." It's been sold mostly in Australia and New Zealand UNTIL NOW. Also, the new can has no easily accessible internet images, so I'm taking a picture with my non-smart phone for you guys. FOR YOU, YOU'RE WELCOME.

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