Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Live (or at least recorded) comedy stylings by yours truly!

"You have the funniest energy drink reviews."
"Your take on the Godfather trilogy should be immortalized in stone."
"I bet your dissertation that you are definitely working on actively is super-smart and good."

Have you found yourself wanting to say these things to me? I don't blame you. Want more of me? You can listen and watch me do long-form improvisational comedy things!

Don't you wanna just hang out with us? Photo courtesy Next at Bat.
First up: Do you podcast? I don't unless I'm on one because listening to words without music is almost as unappealing to me as listening to music without words, but I am a dick. You should! You should very much listen to the Twin Cities' own improv podcast, Next at Bat, hosted by the lovely and talented Matt McCloud and Philip Simondet. Recently they had on my group Snack Time, interviewed us about our "artistic vision" and did some 'provs with us. Only two-thirds of us showed up and we are a bunch of clique-y, giggling assholes, but I think it turned out pretty good anyway: Next at Bat episode 51 with Snack Time. (Free!)

Next: I have two shows closing this weekend! Friday, February 27 at HUGE Theater is your last chance to see me in the Deconstruction as part of Throwback Night at 8:00 p.m. Snack Time will have our last opening set for the Bearded Men at 10:30 on Friday, also. ($12 for 8/9:30, $7 for 10:30, $18 all-night pass)

Next next: I got drawn out of a lottery by the Troika Gods to once again participate in the Minneapolis Troika Madness Tournament. It's improv. It's a competition. It's an improv competition! You may recall that my group Pigmeat was robbed of first place last year, but I shall not be twice denied! I will be performing with Jake Scott and Mary Kane as Useful Knots in the first round next Wednesday, March 4 at 8:00 p.m. at HUGE Theater. Come! Watch! Vote for us so we can move on to the semi-finals March 18. (Tournament brackets forthcoming.) ($7)

Nextest of all: My Deconstruction group will be reborn as Trust Pit, performing an as-yet-unnamed new improv form at 8:00 at HUGE on all the Fridays in March and April.

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