Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Comedy, Not Energy Drinks!*

Friends, it has been a rough patch here in Laurendale. I went off my meds a few months ago when we were uninsured/for the same stupid experimental reasons mentally ill people decide to go off their meds every once in awhile. My anxiety has not been too, too terrible, but I am working full time as a receptionist, so that is grinding my soul into tiny pieces every passing moment.

ANYWAY, after a performing hiatus, I have a few comedy things happening again. Would you like to come see my face doing comedy at you in person (in Minneapolis)? HERE'S WHERE YOU CAN DO THAT:

I made this. I feel a lot of pride about that.
Pantsuit Comedy Showcase
Friday, July 10th, 10:00 p.m.
Phoenix Theater in Uptown--$5 advance/$7 door
My friends Lauren and Kristen and I are putting this together with the hopes that it will become a regular monthly thing showcasing Twin Cities lady-type comedy acts. I'll be hosting this on Friday, and in addition to a standup and two great improv duos, I'll be running a trivia game with our performers as a panel (still not quite sure what this will look like but I'M WORKING ON IT, YOU GUYS.). Come support female comedians it will be funny and also cheap.

Big Time Horse
Saturday, July 11th, 10:00 p.m.
Phoenix Theater in Uptown--$5
My group Useful Knots (2nd Place Troika Madness, 2015) is getting back together for some more shows, the first of which is Big Time Horse! There will be improv, standup, an open mic, and various shenanigans! Come one, come all!

Fresh Air Improv
Wednesday, July 15th, 7:00 p.m.
Loring Park Bandstand--FREE
Do you love live performances but don't want to go inside because it's SUMMER, DUH? BOTH. DO BOTH! My crew Snack Time is performing with two other improv groups in the outside, in a park, for FREE. Take your allergy meds and come join us!

Brave New Workshop Sketch Lab Table Read
(tentative) Friday, July 17th, after the main stage show
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre
Come see the BNW main stage cast in their awesome (probably, I haven't seen it yet, but they are literally pros) sketch show, Mad Vax: Beyond Measledome. Afterwards, my sketch writing class (which happens to be all ladies, HOLLA!) will be doing readings of some of our best sketches of the session. I might be singing a song about space tigers, but this is still mostly TBD.

*I reserve the right to drink energy drinks before doing comedy, I'm just pointing out that this is actually not an energy drink review, but a shameless self promotion post. 

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