Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Energy Drink Review: Mossy Oaks Pursuit Energy

Good, extremely good, will probably also be good when I drink it later this week.
This weekend, sometime between our detour into Fergus Falls, Minnesota to take photos with Otto the Otter (worth it) and making it back to St. Paul, we stopped at a convenience store full of bros with boats in the parking lot and spotted a line of hunting-themed energy drinks. Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy drinks feature pictures of tree bark on their cans, though I think it would be more legit if the cans were actually tiny oaken kegs. Unfortunately, their marketing department did not consult me first despite the fact that I am a noted energy drink scholar. Anyway, I hadn't seen these before, and because Science and also the Internet dictate it so, I had to try them all. I used the citrus berry flavor the other night as a mixer and it was fucking delicious. Let's see what the original flavor is like, shall we?

FLAVOR: Pretty tasty. It's citrus, but still with some sweetness. I like it.

EFFECTIVENESS: This drink is supposed to be "A LASTING SHOT OF ENERGY WHETHER HUNTING, FISHING OR DOING ANYTHING IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS." I am inside an office lobby in the suburbs, but whatever. Same thing. I've consumed most of it and I'm definitely feeling more energetic. I have this problem where "caffeinated" can pretty quickly morph into "anxious for no fucking reason" and I think I'm a bit on the edge of that here but that is not Mossy Oak's fault! Perhaps if I were in the Great Outdoors instead of trying to pass the time at this front desk, I would be filled with joy instead. Nonetheless, I'd say it's working.

OVERALL: Recommended. Illinois' finest animal-shooting-themed beverage.

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