Monday, February 01, 2016

Energy Drink Review: Rockstar Pure Zero Watermelon

Guys! I found a Rockstar flavor I haven't tried before. It's watermelon in the Pure Zero line. I slept all the hours last night but now I've been computering for a while and am feeling kind of tired. Sure, I could "get up and do something" or "leave my house," but new X-Files comes on in 90 minutes and what could I possibly do before then anyway? So I'm trying it.

FLAVOR: Mmm! A good candy watermelon flavor, but not too strong. I don't know if I'd want it all the time, but as an occasional shot of variety, yes. UPDATE: It's a decent mixer, too. Not a strong enough flavor to overpower the falafel and onions from my dinner, but tasty nonetheless.

EFFECTIVENESS: I'm really enjoying this Fleetwood Mac, so I think you could say it's working. I mean, I like FM normally, but I'm really feeling it right now. Okay, I ended up walking to the store and getting foods and stuff so really I am the champion of today. I plan to drink the second half of the can with vodka for the X-Files Drinking Game here in a bit. It's gonna be great. UPDATE: It was great!

OVERALL: Recommended. Good. Do it.

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