Sunday, May 18, 2008

There will always be anger in this world as long as Pluggers exists

I have two three main problems with this comic (besides all the normal Plugger-related complaints):

1. Pluggers should not eat other plugger species. It's gross and creepy.

2. Isn't ACTUAL bird-watching the kind of dorky/old-fashioned* hobby that pluggers would participate it in? Stupid puns.

3. ALSO: Is it just me, or is Mrs. Fox Plugger STONED OFF HER ASS? I mean, there's nothing wrong with an herbally-enhanced barbecue, I just thought Pluggers preferred to only indulge in prescription drugs and prune juice. No wonder she is waiting so intently for the food to be ready.

*No offense, Ka$h. I love your extensive bird knowledge.


  1. FYI: The Motel 6 in Wall, SD has a Pluggers cartoon prominently displayed on the front desk counter. It's some bullshit about being old enough to remember when Motel 6 was $6. Consider yourself forewarned if you are crossing the country on I-90.

  2. One other observation:

    Who wears a chef's hat when they BBQ? Not to get too "working class" for the elites who write into pluggers when they aren't clutching their stock portfolios, but the chef's hat is just too French.

    This is AMERICA!!!