Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

All that glorious Joe Soucheray-bashing and today's template-fussing-with has left me awfully uninspired. Or perhaps I should just start admitting that uninspired is my most natural state. Inspiration wouldn't really be special if it was a consistent state of being. So anyway, some links and whatnot: -Apparently some people shave at their desks. Ew. I think this is a plus to working in an office full of women; no one would bother shaving their legs at their desk. I hope. But I hadn't mentioned facial hair in a while, so I thought it was time to live up to my own masthead. Don't mess with genius. (Embrace Your Inner Nerd) -New(to me) blogger Lisa Kansas has a great discussion about abstinence. Key quote:
Why is it so important to not have sex? Why the obsession? After having read multiple articles and surfed too many websites, I have come to the following conclusion: There is no abstinence movement that is not based in an organized patriarchal religion.
Personally, I am SHOCKED to learn that the patriarchy might be involved in this whole "no-sex" thing. Shocked and appalled. All These Posts about the Abstinence Clearinghouse Have Inspired Me. (Punkass Blog) I don't have anything else cool to share right now. I was tragically lacking in internet access for much of the weekend. However, this did allow my hands and wrists to rest a little (repetitive stress, anyone?), and they actually do not hurt today. So, huzzah! The Sexy Gay Jesus always has a plan.


  1. I figured you might like the facial hair inspired blog. Thanks for the link. And also, shaving at my desk with an electric razor isn't gross. Perhaps a poor use of work time, but it's not like I'm getting little bits of hair everywhere. But I digress.

  2. How are you not getting bits of hair everywhere? Maybe I'm just not familiar with the mechanics of an electric razor, but I'm pretty sure they don't double as vacuum cleaners. If they do, my brother wasn't using his right when he would leave a gross layer of stubble in the bathroom sink.