Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Never talk to me during "The Jackal"!

I have gotten a Certain Someone Who Has Requested to Never Be Mentioned on This Blog (CSWHRNBMTB or "Certain Someone," for short) hooked on season one of The West Wing AKA reason #1b that I give a shit about politics.* This Certain Someone seemed bewildered by the following clip: Explanation: No explanation necessary. CJ is a fucking badass. OH MY GOD WHY DO I NOT HAVE A WEST WING DRINKING GAME?!! Oh, probably because I usually watch it alone. Well, as soon as I have a geographically present WW pal, a game that may come close to rivaling the demanding rules of The X-Files Drinking Game shall be invented. There will definitely be a one-to-one match-up on the "Scully is a badass, take a drink" with a "CJ is a badass" rule. I love sexy, awesome TV ladies who kick the patriarchy's ass. Anyway, no worries, anonymous friend: Season two will shortly be on its way! Also, Sam's dance moves at the end of the clip there look awfully familiar... P.S. I love Toby. Smoke rings! *Reason #1a being that I dated The Pretentious Ex-Boyfriend who was obsessed with politics, so were all his friends, and he introduced me to the magic of the Aaron Sorkin Political Fantasyland.


  1. Is Certain Someone sticking to his predicted "one episode per night" rule? Hopefully Certain Someone realizes that one episode per night is NO way to marathon through a DVD of a TV season.

  2. Um, there totally is a West Wing drinking game. It involves Carlo Rossi and singing along to the theme song. Yeah, that's right--the theme song with no lyrics.

    PS--Not obsessed with politics, m'kay?

  3. On principle, I think Carlo Rossi should be left to college students and very, very lucky hobos. I know there are existing WW games, but nothing beats the magic of making up your own rules, like "rolled-up shirt sleeves, take a drink!"

    PS- Congrats on not being obsessed. I know it can't be good for me.

  4. Oh, and I always sing along. Dummm da-da DUM!