Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quote o' the Day: Abstinence Shmabstinence

I could actually understand abstinence-only education if it were some sort of performance art aimed at making parents understand the need to talk to their children honestly about sex before some nutjob gets them to sign a pledge to the God of the Commons. Unfortunately, that’s in my dream world where all cars are replaced with unicorns and I solve crimes with my Ph.D. supermodel best friend.
-Jesse Taylor of Pandagon on reality-based education I do take issue with a unicorn dreamworld. Because seriously, we'd have to fucking RIDE HORSES EVERYWHERE. And not just regular big, smelly, scary (to me) horses: HORSES WITH BIG FUCKING POINTY HORNS THAT CAN IMPALE YOU IN A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT. I think this is a bad idea. But other than that, Jesse is totally in tune with my "Grow up to become Veronica Mars" fantasy.

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