Wednesday, July 30, 2008

X-Files nerdery and birthday wishes

Eh? So Ka$h and I were watching a season three two-parter last night, splitting a bottle of wine over ye olde X-Files Drinking Game. There was an all-too-brief appearance by the Lone Gunmen, and a discussion ensued about how Dean Haglund, the guy who plays Langly, is actually pretty cute without that ratty D&D/death metal hair. Annnyway, disappointed by the lack of info about him on IMDB, I directed Ka$h towards Wikipedia. Obvs. Which directed her to HIS WEBSITE, hooray! Apparently he does improv and standup, makes awesome Lone Gunmen gear (might have to buy some of this, I'm not gonna lie), and is an inventor! Yes, an inventor! He has invented the Chill Pak, which "draws heat away from your computer stopping the agitation of electrons." In her half-a-bottle-of-wine-down-the-gullet state, Ka$h kept ranting about how talking about electrons is "so cute!" Also, I am kind of convinced that I need one as my laptop has overheated a couple of times and it's only a couple months old. She totally wanted to email him, because she found out from MySpace that his birthday was yesterday. I would not allow it. Dean Haglund may be the kindest Canadianest celebrity ever, but I have too much love for him to actually drunkenly email him. Even with a birthday wish. I'd like to make a better impression than that, you see. Ka$h claimed that emailing him would "still be a good idea when we're sober," but I'm going to stick with the public blog post. So, happy birthday yesterday, Dean Haglund! You have fabulous drunk fans in Minnesota!

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