Monday, October 20, 2008

Elizabeth Berkley is an amazing actress and some links

The combination of Oscar-worthy performances by Caruso and Saved by the Bell alum Elizabeth Berkley is pretty much rocking my Monday night here on CSI: Miami. Were you aware that Jessie Spano is now giving advice to young girls on an incredibly well-designed website? Horatio Caine just solved a case by linking a piece of crab shell to a hit-and-run driver! God I love this show. PRODUCT PLACEMENT! COMMERCIAL FOR BI-POLAR MEDS DURING AN EPISODE WHERE JESSIE SPANO GOES OFF HERS. OMG. -And speaking of the psychotropic magic pills, some Elle writer found anti-depressants caused her to be unsympathetic to other depressed types. I'm not going to lie, I've occasionally been of the mind of "Meds helped me, quit complaining and get yourself some." Whatevs. I've still got friends. And a few of them are on happy pills too. Celexa Made Me "Smug". (Jezebel) -My love for Rachel Maddow has been well-established. Well, now she's finally got her own show which I tragically do not have the cable to watch. Anyway, people are talking about her general awesome awesomeness, and I just like to continue to promote her. Apparently, she's cool as shit in real life. SHOCK! Herogram: Rachel Maddow, Normal Person. (Gawker)

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  1. Maddow is dreamy. And to continue that Sapphic line of thought, did you know Ms. Berkley has signed on for season six of the L-word?