Friday, October 31, 2008

Mormons and the Gays Part 2: Jesus Needs Your Campaign Donation

Part 1 here. Anyway, GAY PEOPLE. The LDS Church + them = not so much. Covered that already. But so sometimes gay people stop having pedophile orgies long enough to get into serious relationships with one another. And for some reason, us just allowing them to exist isn't enough. They want "equal rights" and the "same privileges" as heterosexual couples. They want to get, like, married. But some Americans don't want them to get married. It's because they're uncomfortable with "dudes kissing," as Jon Stewart says. Apparently it'll destroy the fabric of society.* But even when blatantly homophobic "reasoning" and/or religious rhetoric is left out, same-sex marriage opponents' arguments really don't make any sense. See this ostensibly objective discussion of California's Proposition 8: I will now list the ways in which this is problematic: 1. First of all, the "just the facts" tone is betrayed by the opinions expressed. 2. San Francisco judges? Can you say "dog whistle"? 3. Notice how same-sex marriage is represented by man+man at all times. I can has lesbians plz? 4. I like how the narrator has a really innocuous-sounding voice. 5. "Restore traditional marriage to California"? As if gay marriage will replace all straight ones. 6. Logical leap between the idea of strong families being vital to society and gay marriage somehow putting that in danger. 7. Jan has freakishly short arms. 8. Minivan = MORMON!! 9. The gay one I think is Michael has AWESOME hair. 10. I love how to find the best information, they turn immediately to the internet and make a decision based on the first thing they find. 11. There are also no lesbians in Massachusetts. 12. Those activist judges making 2nd grade mandatory! 13. I like the scare tactic: Oh no! The Catholics don't like it, it must be bad! As if the state could require anyone to place a child in a "same-sex home." I'm sure they were required to consider gay couples, but that's not the same thing. 14. No one's church has ever been required to perform any marriage, heterosexual or homosexual. Churches are allowed to discriminate any way they want in this regard. 15. Tolerance is always introducing so many question marks into my life. 16. I like this complete myth of a family that's good friends with the gay couple next door who doesn't support their "lifestyle." Anyway, it's all bullshit. Obviously. And the LDS Church has asked its members to get involved. And money has been pouring into California from out-of-state Mormons to fund this discriminatory nonsense. But there are individual members and groups of members who have more progressive views on this issue, and the whole thing is causing divisions within the church (good write-up by the SLC Tribune, check it out). Some are taking action. They believe that the church should stay out of political/legal matters, and accuse members of spreading misinformation about the possible consequences of Proposition 8. Louis CK refutes the "What will they teach the children?!" argument. As if you shouldn't just be talking to them about what they learn at school anyway. Most brainwashing goes on at home, and it's not like gay people will cease to exist in real life if you don't tell kids about them. They're gonna find out anyway. And as the inimitably awesome Wanda Sykes says, "I don't understand why people all up in arms over shit that don't affect them." (Apologies about the sound being off, all of them were like that.) *And the Mormons are so not on board with destroying fabric, what with them liking to sew and do all that other crafty/domestic shit.

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