Thursday, October 30, 2008

Excuses, John McCain's "Dick Fingers", and Disney Villainry Link

My tragically full schedule of last-minute homeworking, going to class, and then napping all day before partying is, frankly, punishing, and I haven't had time to appropriately recap the Lady Maverick party yesterday or do the Thursday U.S. History post (or finish my 2-part series on Mormons and the gays--eek!). Thank god for weekly 3-day weekends for catch-up, amiright? With an acknowledgement of the the heads up from the ladyblogs Feministing and Feministe, I hereby repost Daily Show fabulousness starring Samantha Bee and John McCain's "dick fingers." Remember women's "health"? Hahaha. Also, a tipoff from my newly be-lawyered friend Alison led me to this fine "opinion piece" by America's next First Grinch Lady, Cindy McCain.

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