Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Friday Night Linkies

I found awesome seventies' lamps for my living room at the Goodwill tonight, and I am riding that high right now. Also, drinking Sparks. But I wanted to get in a little bloggity blog before we give in to the awesomeness of tonight's cinematic feature, Short Circuit 2. -Ces Marciuliano, of Sally Forth fame,* but also Teenage Girl President and the recently re-launched webcomic Medium Large makes funny 20s slang jokes.** -Jesus' General, America's manliest and most anti-masturbatory blogger blogs. Us ex-Mormons know what the important issues are. How I was reborn as a hand virgin. (Jesus' General) -This one's for the ladies: Intern Margaret talks about a new documentary that sheds light on why getting pelvic exams is so shitty. I'd heard before that medical students are sometimes trained on unconscious surgical patients and other such unethical medical rape-y type things, but apparently there's even worse shit than that. It is kind of crazy how broadly the experience can vary, depending on who's performing the exam. It's especially great when they make editorial comments on your ovaries and/or other ladyparts. At Your Cervix Takes a Look at Why Pelvic Exams Suck. (Jezebel) *Yes, I just said "Sally Forth fame." **Although it should be said that ALL jokes about 1920s slang are undoubtedly hilarious.

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