Monday, November 03, 2008

Joe Biden's ear and my smart friend from college, also singing kids

Last-minute election-related posting.
Blurry picture of snipers on top of the building where I have my history class!
1. I saw Joe Biden on Saturday night. He was freakishly on time (unlike Palin) and was charming and exciting to hear speak. Unfortunately, despite our closeness to the stage, the teleprompter was mysteriously opaque and right in front of his face. I could only see his chin for most of his speech. I didn't get his beautiful famous chompers on film. Digital film, that is.
Jill Biden who is cute and gave it to us straight when she couldn't read her speech and had to start over.
I swear to The Sexy Gay Jesus Joe Biden's head is hidden behind that teleprompter thingy.
Ohio. Heh.
Blurry Biden leaving the stage. Hooray!
2. My friend Dhruva from college is a big smarty pants ("The Next Kofi" we like to call him sometimes) and writes for, like, professional magazines and shit. He got a one-on-one with McMav about U.S.-India relations. I can't believe I know successful people like that. Even if he did have to talk to Uncle Dick Fingers himself. Interview with John McCain. (Dhruva Jaishankar/The Indian Express) 3. Via my friend John's Facebook status, some kids/music/election awesomeness.

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