Monday, November 03, 2008

Voting: "It's like Cedar Point without the ride at the end."

That's what some guy in line near me said today. Totes. Sure, I got a tiny thrill in my soul when I confirmed my presidential vote, but let's be honest: six voting booths for the City of Bowling Green on the day before the election is not enough. Via Ezra, Rachel Maddow correctly identifies voting lines as a new kind of poll tax. I'm lucky to be a grad student with a flexible schedule. I read a couple of articles about cultural studies and Marxism while in line, and it didn't matter that I was technically half an hour late to my office hours. But it's far more inconvenient for people with real jobs, families, and/or who don't spend hours each day just hanging out reading anyway. Rachel Maddow, if the Mormons fail in California, will you gay marry me there? Please?

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  1. there is nothing inappropriate about a crush on rachel maddow. i would go gay for her in a heartbeat - she's so awesome! and also, speaking as a working stiff, legally employers are required to pay employees for time they take in the morning to vote, i believe. so you don't have to take PTO or just give up hours. but i agree, it is nowhere near a perfect system. election day should be a national holiday! at least, i'm acting like it is. and november fifth will be national hungover-from-either-celebrating-or-drowning-my-sorrows day. good thing i have a 9am meeting, sob.

    and yes i had an energy drink this morning how can you tell???elajwe9u02$$$