Sunday, July 12, 2009

Energy Drink Review: Monster Hitman Sniper Shot

Remember back when I tried the original Monster Hitman shot? Also how it made me feel kinda funny and I forgot to write an introduction to the paper I was working on and handed it in that way the next day? Well, evidently I have not learned my lesson. I've since tried the NOS Powershot, which tastes like a condensed, grosser NOS (though I do highly recommend regular NOS for all night writing sessions and/or long-distance driving) and it worked okay but not great. It's just not the same without the volume of a regular 16-oz. can that you can nurse for a long time. Anyway, about an hour ago I took a 3 oz. shot of the Monster Hitman Sniper (that's the red Monster shot). It tasted like the cherry syrup that goes on a sno-cone, but without the sno part. So kind of cough-syrupy but not as bad-tasting as the other energy shots I've tried. I was relatively perky before I drank it what with it being an awesome lazy Sunday, but I decided to take it before I came in for my Sunday three-hour stint at the pop culture library. We've had one patron already! Anyway, I think I'm still feeling it as I have already produced an entire paragraph and am feeling pretty up. I used the energy to bike in to work, wipe down the study tables, and shelf-read some of the reference section. Oh! Another patron! I just got to consult the spreadsheet I made of all the television series we own. How much do I love spreadsheets and the making of them? Quite a bit, sometimes. Sometimes. Anyway, I'm a little more than an hour in and still going strong. Updates to come. UPDATE: I am now two hours in, and the euphoria and energy are definitely wearing off. I'm not falling asleep as of yet, but I think there is probably a bigger crash coming. FURTHER UPDATE: I continued to come down for about another hour, but was mostly fine once I wasn't sitting still at the library desk anymore. I did, however, have trouble getting to sleep later. Not that I mind making more progress in the fabulous Little Dorrit, but I definitely attribute the rare (these days; what with having two jobs and all) insomniatic fit to the Sniper.

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