Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Meanderings

Here are some things that I like and/or are interesting right now: I have the digital TV converter with a crazy Christmas-tree-kinda-shaped antenna-receiver thing my dad bought for me because he knows about electronic gadgets and I get SEVEN separate PBS stations. Four from BGSU and three from Toledo. Only one completely overlaps (the "Create" channel, which often shows my BFF tour guide who may or may not awesomely run for Congress in the next few years). Awesome shows I watch all the time are History Detectives OMG yes and also NOVA: scienceNOW hosted by the man my friend Cynthia has described as looking like a "really smart Muppet," Neil deGrasse Tyson who loves wearing that sun/moon/stars vest. Senator John Kyl is a (duh) douche. But Debbie Stabenow rocks. (Ezra Klein, WaPo) At the blog Not Always Right: Funny and Stupid Customer quotes, I can relive my customer service days without having to slit my wrists but mostly just pity the people who must put up with that crap to pay the bills. May I never have to have one of those jobs again but you never know with academic funding and blahblahblah so DEAR GOD, PEOPLE SUCK.

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