Monday, November 23, 2009

A few things I saw on the interwebs today

I, too, want to punch this goddamn Kay commercial in the face. Assvertising. (Melissa, Shakesville) Our favorite news source, HuffPo, asks why Ted Kennedy's son can't receive communion as the MAIN STORY on their "Politics" page. HOW IS THIS ANYBODY'S BUSINESS?! They act like ideological divides among Catholics are hot news. Pshaw, people. But anyway, mostly it reminds me of how I asked a vegan friend of mine recently if vegans could take communion, and besides pointing out that vegans can do whatever they want (contrary to popular belief, they do not have a law enforcement body), we decided that even if you really believe in transubstantiation or whatevs, Jesus totally gave his byproducts willingly, so it's cool. Never fear, Catholic vegans, I have solved a moral dilemma for you! Patrick Kennedy Communion Dispute Reveals Divide Among Catholics (fucking Huffington Post)

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