Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chip Coffey: The Psychic Tim Gunn

Note: I delayed posting this for, like, at least a month because I was thinking about making a highlight video of Chip being fabulous and brave, but I don't really have the technology (poor/cheap) and mostly am too lazy. So, sans specially-made video, here 'tis anyway: 

Coffey and Gunn: America's newest demon/fashion faux pas-fighting team!

So, I may have mentioned before that we got cable this fall, and it is the BEST THING EVER. I especially love reality shows. I mean, I've always indulged in trashy dating shows and such, but I love almost anything on A&E, tons of TLC shows, etc. I've especially gotten into ghost shows! Almost anything with fucking night vision cameras is my best friend. Whether it's ridiculously muscled but oddly endearing GhostBro and his pals, the earnest cargo-shorted scientific investigations of the domestically-based Ghost Hunters, or the kind of touchy-feely but adorably sincere crew from Pennsylvania on Paranormal State, I love that shit. It's creepy and fun and sometimes heartwarming. The tugging of the heartstrings usually comes from Paranormal State, where I was first exposed to the amazing consulting psychic Chip Coffey. Chip is no-nonsense, badass, and wears fabulous scarves!

I liked Chip on Paranormal State, but he is perhaps even more amazing as a mentor for psychic children on another A&E show, Psychic Kids. Chip meets with kids who see ghosts and teaches them to harness and control their abilities. He also has a hippie therapist who talks to their parents and teaches them not to tell their kids that they're possessed by the devil if they see spirits. Also, Chip is like, always right and adorable. Look at him being awesome:

I want Chip to be my best friend AND mentor, much like Project Runway's motivational-without-being-sappy fashion design guru Tim Gunn. Tim is a little more buttoned up, but their mannerisms, as well as their approaches to mentoring are strikingly similar. Compare Chip to the subdued (but sassy) and completely practical advice of T. Gunn to aspiring designers:

No FUCKING NONSENSE. I think they should team up and do a ghost-hunting/makeover show on E! or some shit. Amirite or amiritie?

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