Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dear America: What I'm thinking about

The month of February was terrible. From problem students to the longest (feeling) month of winter, to regular academic pressures, to recently lowered dosages of Prozac, revolutions abroad, car trouble, to congressional attacks on female bodily integrity, I have to say that I'm feeling very positively about the move into March. Also, it was sunny today and spring break is next week and I got drunk tonight and the world is looking a little happier. Here are some random thoughts/links that basically all come from Jezebel:

Bristol Palin is releasing a memoir. I am smarter and more interesting than Bristol Palin. Maybe if I write a memoir and get it published, we can buy a car that was built sometime after I left elementary school!

I'm sorry, but did one of my students get elected to the Ohio legislature?

I like that Lady Gaga says she didn't lose her virginity "until" she was seventeen and that it was bad. I thought she was a weirdo. Sex before college? How mainstream. And it wasn't good? Welcome to the club. At least that part I can relate to.

So, '50s clothes are hard to fit into. I discovered this while searching for a 1950s party dress for a wedding dress online. Most of the still-existing dresses were tiny. Additionally, I have small boobs, which makes crazy pointy boob-designed garments difficult to fit. The shoulders and lower ribcage of the dress I ultimately found fit perfectly, and the full skirt did exactly what I wanted it to for my lower body; however, my mom and a friend of hers had to take in the obnoxious princess seams since even my padded strapless bra couldn't do much by '50s cone-bra standards. This has been a true story. Amen.

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