Friday, May 27, 2011

Energy Drink Review: Neutron Energy

Hey gang,

I was at Big Lots! the other day looking for various items (new shampoo, an empty plastic spray bottle, drain cleaner, and/or whatever looks interesting) and checked out the energy drink/beverage section and saw a brand I had never tried before. The Neutron Energy drink claims to give you "The Lift You Need!" It is apparently packaged by "RNR Beverage Co." Neither the drink nor the company appear to exist on the internet. Totally not sketchy, Big Lots! retailers!

It tastes quite a bit like a citrus-y sour gummy worm. Not bad. It has given me some energy, though it doesn't bill caffeine as one of its top ingredients. A 16-ounce can should really make me a bit shaky and/or give me heart palpitations for it to really be good, though so only a mild endorsement for this drink that only exists right now at the Bowling Green, Ohio Big Lots! store.

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