Monday, May 30, 2011

Who the hell is the SGJ anyway?

A concerned reader wrote in:

Dear Ms. Chesnut,

Can you please pinpoint for me, an admiring reader, your first blog reference to and/or best explanation of His Holiness, the SGJ? I want to make a link.

Kind Regards,

Alowishus Zinkerbottum

While I will not pretend that I believe that is a real name, I did go back into ye olde archives and find my earliest explanation of the Sexy Gay Jesus from way back in April of 2008: The Sexy Gay Jesus: Who's your god now? Thank you, Mr. "Zinkerbottum", for letting us all revisit that time in my life when I was mostly interested in drinking and meeting boys and using my friendship/devotion to the SGJ to facilitate such things. (I still am interested in drinking and chillin' with the Sexy Gay, but being married makes meeting boys far less of a priority.) ANYWAY, remember to send me your life advice questions and/or inquiries about the universe or whatever for the Sexy Gay Jesus. He likes to feel needed. Between well-deserved hangovers, anyway.

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