Saturday, June 04, 2011

Energy Drink Review: Team Realtree Outdoor Energy BLAZE ORANGE

Hello friends,

I am currently in St. Paul, MN for my college reunion. I drank some vodka poured in a can of Mountain Dew last night in a dorm, much to my body's chagrin. But then I took a break and there have been no lasting effects from that amateur mistake. Anyway, this afternoon I'm doing work for the online class I am taking and drinking a special new (to me) beverage we picked up at a gas station in Wisconsin on the drive up here on Thursday: a special hunting-themed energy drink! So apropos for Wisconsin. You can join Team Realtree and post your hunting pictures. My favorite part of this line of drinks is that not only are the cans nature-based camouflage, but they are NOT FOR CITY BOYS.

Seriously. This is seriously happening.

Because I was uninterested in the low-carb can, I got BLAZE ORANGE. It is helping me feel relatively alert while reading and writing. It mostly just tastes like orange soda, though. Only a tinge of energy-based chemicals. The first two ingredients are carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup, taurine and caffeine come later. So I'm not shaky, but it is somewhat effective. I recommend buying this if you are ever lucky enough to come upon it, because it is so ridiculously hunting-themed/gendered.

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