Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A number of items of business


1. A friend of mine on Facebook has revealed to me the fact that Three Olives Vodka now has a "DUDE" Mountain Dew flavor. As I can attest from a mistake over reunion weekend, vodka in a can of Mountain Dew is pretty gross, but perhaps this flavor in something else wouldn't be too bad. I heard it's available at at least one bar in town, though I prefer to do vodka tastings by the bottle and in my home, so I may wait until it comes to the actual liquor store (there's only one). Anyway, bro drinks = important news on this blog.
2. Seriously, it seemed people were excited about advice from the Sexy Gay Jesus (including one particular blogger I admire who condescended to this here blog to ask Our Sexy Lord and Savior's opinion on bouncing back from a breakup, romantic comedy-style). I've had friends in person claim they would send SGJ questions, but they have failed to do so. Consider this a guilting/reminder to submit something. Clicka-clicka on my profile over there and email me (the SGJ doesn't need his own email account, he can just turn on his omniscience whenever he wants. He usually doesn't want, just like Mr. Deity--see below.) Do you want 2000+ years' worth of life experience tinged with glitter and rainbows to go to waste? I did not think so.

3. Google has offered that I can do something with the blog layout settings that will make it fancy/attractive for people who may read this on a mobile device. Do people really read blogs on their phones? Is my page difficult to view on such a device? Should I bother with this? Also: I checked my analytics stats recently and people from, like, Bulgaria and Laos have somehow stumbled upon my blog. So, Здравейте and ສະບາຍດີ to you, international websurfers! Come for the frequent use of the phrase "sexy gay" that directs traffic here and stay for the ridiculousness.

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