Sunday, July 10, 2011

SGJ Dances to, Does Not Think Too Hard About Lady Gaga

Dear Sexy Gay Jesus,

Jesu babe, I have to ask: what are your thoughts on Our Lady of the Gaga?*

Bangin music. You surely cannot argue with that.

Great story right? Bootstraps. No. Yes?

Affirming message. Totally awesome, love that.

And she's a total stoner, so there's that.

Do you think her leader/flock trope is a tip of the hat to you, perhaps a form of ironic interpretation of your experience? Or does that give her too much credit?

I love her but have trouble with lots of what tries to say to explain her art (see her
interview with Anderson). I mean, you're a student of philosophy (shit, some people think you're the genesis of human thought . . . ) It's way, way, way overcooked, right? (The art/sociology of fame??) Sometimes pop music is just fun. Maybe she shouldn't try so hard to explain it all.

Gah . . . I have to go read something called "The Conflict Helix" now. (Probably have no license to question Gags when I'm reading this nonsense for school. Maybe I shouldn't be such a critical naysayer.)

Thought I'd check in and give you a genuflect. Take care. Say hi to Lauren for me.
Oh, and Happy Pride!


Dear Tweets,

Clearly I have neglected this letter for some time. I apologize, but summertime is a very busy time for attractive homosexual deities--there is a lot of laying out by the pool and binge-drinking to do. But I will weigh in on Ye Olde Gaga Question. First off, there are many fabulous gay bar anthems in the Lady's repertoire and no one can deny her very formidable musical talents (have you seen her play that piano in those outfits?). I will say that I'm really only into bootstraps when associated with fetish gear, but I admire her hard work also.

The Lady and I have only met in passing at Gay Community meetings, you know. I find it unlikely that she is deliberately emulating me, though I certainly couldn't blame her! I am pretty awesome, in the literal, awe-inspiring sense. I actually find it quite adorable that she calls her fans "little monsters," which is way cooler than anything Jesus fans have ever been called.

I do think she may be thinking a little bit too hard about her art, despite the fabulousness of her music and her audacity in fashion. She may or may not be friends with Slovenian postmodern theoretical darling Slavoj Zizek. Though I grant her musical efforts are a little more sophisticated than, say, Ke$ha's, K-Money clearly doesn't take herself too seriously. Neither of them wears pants, I think they should be friends. I also find sincerity uncomfortable. I think it's easiest to just take the songs as they come and ignore the philosophical grandstanding. Thus saith the lord.

I hope you aren't working too hard on your silly homework. I know I'm up to no good this summer.

Love and tequila shots,

The Sexy Gay Jesus

P.S. Lauren says hello and happy belated Pride to you, too!

*If no one's done it yet, please, please, please, internet, bring me a Lady Gaga devotional candle.

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  1. um, fabulous. Once school starts and I have to read things like "The Conflict Helix" I will call upon the Sexy Gay Jesus to give me some perspective on life. Until then I will just be drunk.