Monday, July 11, 2011

Energy Drink Review: Rockstar Recovery

Friends! I have broken down and bought one of these hangover energy drinks that are so trendy right now. The Monster people have some bullshit tea-based ones floating around, but I think tea tastes like watered-down hamster food most of the time, so I refuse to try one. Anyway, at my local booze (but not liquor) dispensary, I saw a bright orange Rockstar can that claimed to give both energy and hydration. It is also juice-based, which is one for the pro column. I decided to take one home with me (after paying, duh) because I have been doing a lot of things recently like laying out in the sun for four hours or going for runs (jogs, let's be honest about my speed) in 90-degree weather and/or daytime drinking and ending up with dehydration headaches when I want to be getting drunker. I went for a run today, and though I try to be vigilant about hydration, I'm hoping this Rockstar Recovery orange beverage will get me in good shape to open that Rite Aid-purchased bottle of champagne I bought to drink during The Bachelorette.

There is no sober viewing of The Bachelorette. It's almost up there with Extras on the scale of things I can't handle without at least a slight buzz. Don't get me wrong, they are both wonderful for very, very divergent reasons, but the discomfort I feel about things on the screen will lead me to hide under a blanket unless I have some alcohol in me to cushion the blow. Sometimes I still hide from the awkwardness, but it's less intense if I'm drunk. ANYWAY, I'm giving this orange guy a go.

Where were you when I had an 8:00 a.m. job?
Flavor: it's not carbonated, but its flavor runs along the lines of a tasty orange soda. It doesn't taste flat, though, just very tangy compared to straight juice. Although, I rarely drink orange juice without vodka (or at least champagne) in it, so I'm probably not good judge anymore. Luckily it avoids the sickly sweetness of Sunny D that I still associate with car sickness because my mom used to buy it for the annual 12 hour car pilgrimage to Utah. The rest of the time we drank juice from concentrate because it's cheap, but it doesn't come with a screw-on top.

Effectiveness: the can says it contains both electrolytes and high caffeine, which I think is something I could get into. I think by the way I've been rambling in this post, I can tell I'm feeling a little something extra. A spring in my typing fingers, one might say.

Update: I'm feeling pretty good. Usually at this time of day, after having my second meal and perhaps doing something productive, I tend to feel lethargic and want to take a nap despite only having been up for like 4 or 5 hours, but this drink is helping me feel pumped about blogging more here in a few minutes. Well, also it's been two weeks since the disastrous return of GET BENTley on The Bachelorette, so it's just adding to the natural anticipation. I will update later on after I've had some boozes to let you know if I felt like I stayed better hydrated.

Lauren's take: Highly recommended.

I haven't been doing much energy drink research since I finished my thesis over a year ago and didn't want to think about where taurine comes from or who designs those ridiculous cans anymore, but the folks over at BevNet ("The Beverage Industry's Source") have also given this drink a highly positive review.

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